Employee of Santa Claus

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I have no idea what they told you about Santa Claus, but it is probably not true. At least for me, not a lot of stuff I have heard about him was real...

And how can I be so sure? I was employee of Santa for a while...

And I am pretty sure, it was not North Pole, but Ukraine. He is owner of that camp, and in the camp, there is no factory for making presents [at least I haven't found any]. So there must be somebody else making and bringing presents for kids at Xmas, maybe baby-Jesus... No idea, thought.

Hey, wait! How can it be?! He can make presents at another location.

Nope. I asked him about it. He is not fan of Xmas. He hates them! In fact, he is only fan of alcohol. Everytime we met, he was drunk. That's why he need a personal driver. That's why 1000s of people in UA need some sort of personal drivers.

But idea of Santa as fat old man with white hair and beard is true. He talks a lot, and very louldy [one can think about his voice as about voice of hungry dog, very hungry one], but I have never heard him saying "Hou Hou Hou, Merry Xmas". I think I mentioned his attitudes to Xmas. And one more thing: he likes cutting the grass a lot. When I heard someone's cutting grass, I knew he is in camp. Ou, fuck! He is person to better not be next to.

Well, everyone's afraid of him, and noone wanna argue with him, not only me. Cause that's what drunk people are like: do not argue with them, it's pointless, better just say: yes, sure. And not very loudly you should say: fuck you! In way he can not hear you.

I was doing so. Often.

First days in UA


Day Zero – going there ..

I found train going 20.45 from Kosice straight to Lvov [place where I should meet contact person]. So I went and bought ticket for Sunday. I wrote to my contact person and .. it's all I guess ;]

My cousin took me to Kosice Train Station. We were there about 8, so I had about 45 minutes to sit and watch around me. Nothing interesting, only voices saying: “We are sorry”, all damned trains are delayed. So guess what I was thinking about: how about my one?

Shit, first 20 minutes, then 25 and at the end 30 minutes delayed. Not so bad, right?

Hell, yeah!

But I am in train, I mean, I was in one finally! I took pictures and what the fuck, all shit happen to me: something is wrong! Conductor come to me yelling: CksdgnakjlsfvjskdB vajsdzsvj ndfgj s f sgas kdgg!!!!

“Dude, I don't understand a shit of what you've just said! ” He was Ukraine.

And he did not understand a shit of what I said.

Yes, it was so cute! Such a nice couple of people didn't getting a shit. I enjoyed it a lot. I hope he did the same.

But finally we found a translator which explained to me that I have wrong ticket and to him, that this is what they sold me.

“Boy, just try to be invisible, maybe you get through border check!”
“Thanks, that makes me feel comfortable!”

Day One: There

As you see, there is day one, so I did it ;]

Hoorraay. They only checked my baggage [did not find alcohol] and my guitar [my love].

And I went sleep a bit. And I did not enjoyed it. Alone?!

So here it is: Ukraine! [do you see it? Here. Omg, that's so cute, like “here”=”home”]


Some people, call it Lvov, some Lviv. I don't know. But I am gonna find it how Ukraine people call it, I promise!

So I got off the train, see that my contact person is playing tennis. [you do not understand? Ask me!]

We said hi, went to change some money, buy phone card and eat pizza! [I love pizza, that one was no so bad]

And he showed me bus I should get in.

“How do I see I need to get off?”
“It's last stop.”
“Ahh, OK, then.”

I have to stop here. Cause there is a thing about buses in Ukraine: there are kinda old, kinda small, and do not expect them to have some timetable! They only run, when they are full. So I was waiting about hour cause there was still one free place left. Fuck it, I was thinking about buying this place for me.

But finally came, and we went!

I have to stop again: ukraine roads: ouu, one is one abled to count all holes. Do not try to!

I am out of bus:

“kkfkasg asdkfglksd asjgltgos g shnasd sjfa?”
“Maybe?! Probably!?”
“kjsddgfa asdnwl jksdfs/ Zjsf DS jdfsfs.”

So I got into car, hoping that car is going where my intern is. And it went. What a lucky I am.

Well, not really. As I said before I went: I wanna net and hot water, and I am fine. I am not having any of them. I mean, there is hot water, but if you try to use it, there is no water, so I guess cold water is better than no water.

Did I forget to say that water is not drinkable?

My room is not better that all I have mentioned before.

Food is provided 3 times a day. We get the same like kids. Very small portions. Why would an adult need more food than small kid?

And kids. I work with them. None of them speak English. Or at least they say so. But I can understand a bit of their language. My roommate from Hungary is worse in that, he can't. In general, only few people can speak English in camp. I mean, there is one girl that has no problem with talking English. Ah, I am wrong. There are 2 of them.

In the evening [8-10 I think] there was disco for kids. So funny. I felt like kid. They dance with hat. One girl hold hat and go to some boy. Give the hat to the boy and he has to dance with her. And so on the boy does.

So I gave them Borovicka and Slivovicka to try. Hey, not to kids! Wtf you think about me? To older ones. And we drunk both bottles, some bottles of vodka. And I am so tired [next day]. We went to city for some disco, but there were not any, so we buy another bottle and go drink back to camp. That might be after midnight.

Well, floods sucks!

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today I woke up at 8.40 to go buy tickets. And I did buy them. For this Sunday. But... there is always some "but".

I hate BUT

hehe. not so bad, but.. again but... I mean, there are some troubles about my way to Ukraine. Floods. All over me...

I probably wont be able to get out from my village, see this pics:

But not so bad ;] I guess you know me, and you know I have fun ;]

But getting out from my village is not the only problem. Floods are having good times not only at my village. Look at this pics i found [yop, it is also my way to Ukraine] :

One way or another... I can't wait ;]

But whatever, I have pretty cat!

First post - i don't wanna stay home

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[bad english, but who cares?]


I've decided [it was december?] that going to USA again this summer would be bad, and I need to try something new...
Like Africa or so.. and Asia, oh I love Asia ;] [damn me, now I wanna go USA again]

And there are more possibilities how to get out from my "behated", i mean beloved Slovak Republic. And volunteering always sounds good for me. But whatever...

Finally, I decided to go with aiesec = something connected with something else and there you go, you can easy get out from here!

Right, first of all I wanna go Asia- so i wrote to Kazakhstan - and they say: yea, dude, come here. And I say: i love it!

But, one day they stopped answering to me, i mean once ;], and I didnt give a fuck to write them again, cause tickets to get there are pretty expensive. Who cares...

Let's check another countries, thought. Ukraine, Turkey, Bulgaria.

Ukraine- near ...eee
Turkey - hmm. dont know
Bulgaria - no food and accomodation

Ukraine - there's when I am gonna be.. probably ;]

I should be doing this:

Internship Title Summer Camp
TN Fee U.S. $0
Internship Focus No Particular LN IG
Field of Work Other Studies
Working Hours From 10:0 To 19:0
With a total of 40 hours per week
Saturday work None
Payment Salary in U.S. $0
Payment Rate Quaterly
Department in which the Intern will be working summer camp
Job/Task Description 1 work with children in the camp
Job/Task Description 2 organising presentations about the countries
Job/Task Description 3 improving the children's knowledge of English by making lessons
Job/Task Description 4 organising trenings and seminars about different topics for children
Job/Task Description 5 organising different events together with children
Details of the working details
  1. Other Conditions:intern will live in summer camp with children near the beautiful city Lviv. Also this camp is situated near the tourist city Truskavez. Food (3 times per day) and place for living are provided.
Measurable results expected from the intern Intern will work in summer camp
Key learning points that the intern might obtain during the internship 1. opportunity to improve English 2. ability to improve communicative skills with different types of people 3.resilience 4.opportunity to improve presentation skills
Preparation required from the intern before arrival Prepare some presentations about the countries, games for children and English lessons.
Additional information which a potential candidate may require for the internship Intern need to know how to organise his/her time and be ready for challenges concerning the work with children.

I am gonna see... I should go there from 1st june... but I have no idea where it is, what I need there and so on ;] so I am waiting for them to send me info

Anyway, i don't see internet provided anywhere, so hopefully, this is not my last post ;]

And why Ukraine? Cause next year I will go USA, save money- and go Asiaaa or Africa ;] for at least one year ;]